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Understand your business better with weekly performance reports

Want to keep tabs on your progress? It's easy. We take the data from your credit and debit card transactions and send you an up-to-date breakdown of your performance, straight to your inbox. Ping. Each report contains all the insight you need to make key decisions and run a better business. So you can watch it grow and grow.

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We’ll send them your way

Performance reports are free and we’ll automatically set them up for you when you order a card machine. We’re nice like that. Your first one will land in your inbox one week after your first card transaction and then every Tuesday after that. Got more than one location? No problem. We’ll send you a separate report for each one to help you keep track of how they’re doing.


Get the lowdown

The topline

We’ll send your total revenue and total transactions, so you can monitor patterns and trends. Just the thing for hatching future plans.

Spending habits

See how much your customers spend on average and what the highest card payment was that week. So you can spot any sales spikes.

Total refunds

Track the number of refunded transactions. Really helpful when it comes to managing your cash flow.

New customers

Check out the number of new customers buying from your business (and if those offers really are boosting your sales).