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Paymentsense launches new free takeaway toolkit, enabling hospitality businesses to BiteBack in uncertain times

20 March 2020 Company News

The distressing impact of the global health and economic crisis is being felt by all businesses. 

Earlier this week, the government introduced social distancing protocols advising people to stay away from social public places, including restaurants, theatres and music venues. 

Now officially forced to close, restaurants will continue to see a rapid decline in their takings while these measures are still in place. For small or independent businesses, this revenue decline could prove particularly damaging unless they find alternative ways to generate income.

On 17th March, the Government granted permission for pubs, cafes and restaurants to operate as takeaways to help ease the financial pressure during this unprecedented time. Since this announcement, the Paymentsense team have been working tirelessly to find the right solution to help.

Introducing BiteBack by Paymentsense

After a 72-hour hackathon in our London HQ, we came up with BiteBack.

What is it?

BiteBack is a new online toolkit that enables businesses to process takeaway orders quickly and easily. 

 The main offering is a customisable webpage, which will host restaurants’ menus digitally, allowing consumers to order their meal online, collect it and pay at pickup. And the best bit is, setting up a page is completely free.

Why are we doing it?

The hospitality industry is such an important part of the UK economy and our social lives, that we must do everything we can to protect it. 

We want to show strength and solidarity with the food and beverage industry, so we thought for three days, we’d match their 365 days of unsocial hours and late nights, to create something positive and reactive, amidst such a chaotic time.

Maximising the impact

We know that allowing consumers the ability to order online from their favourite independent restaurants is only the first step. That’s why we’re not stopping there. We’re empowering small business owners by giving them the confidence and support they need to shout about their new services online and in the local community. 

This is why we’ve put together a full how-to-guide, custom-printed materials as well as a digital promotion kit, which gives them the ability to promote their new offering across their social business pages as well as email, SMS and local forums.

How can your small business transform into a takeaway?

We’ve created five key services to make online food orders a reality for hospitality business owners.

A customised webpage

A professional webpage that enables consumers to order their food, collect and pay on arrival. This includes:

  • A personalised restaurant URL: e.g.
  • The option to add a logo or photo: add your brand logo or a photo of your business so consumers recognise the site as yours
  • Restaurant contact details: telephone number, address and email
  • An interactive menu: allows customers to add and remove dishes as they please

Customised menu flyers

Both existing and new customers need to know about the news of your new takeaway offering. We’ll use your menus to create bespoke flyers to spread the message in your local area. All you have to do is upload your menu and we’ll do the rest.

Gifting for the future 

To help manage current takings, we’ll provide you with customisable gift vouchers. Your customers can purchase a voucher now and treat themselves or their friends and family to a dine-in meal in the near future.


We know things are tough, so we’re putting in the leg work. We’re working with the amazing eco-friendly takeaway containers, Packaging Environmental to give you an exclusive 15% off your order total and free next-day delivery.

Shouting on social

From setting up your first Facebook business page, to boosting posts to a wider audience and posting on community forums, we’ve got a whole host of tools to get the news of your new takeaway offering out into the world.


Ready to BiteBack?

We’re committed to helping businesses turn this around, and the time to act is now.

If you’re a restaurant, bar or cafe that needs support during this time, visit our here today and get started on your journey to takeaway success.

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